Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moving Right Along

A couple of phrases or words I wish would disappear from our lexicon:

1. "Really?" - Nothing annoys me more than this phrase when it is used to portray sarcastic disbelief. It's not new. It's not clever. It doesn't make you hip.

2. "Thrown Under the Bus" - I don't know the origins of this one, but it is a failed metaphor. I'm guessing the imagery connotes a group or team of people on a bus to some destination or goal. Why would someone being thrown under said bus be used as a scapegoat? It didn't stop the bus from reaching it's destination. A better metaphor would show that someone objected to the destination and took a different mode of transport. "Upon realizing our mistake of going to the Olive Garden on a Friday without reservations, we threw Jim's ass in the cab because he was the one who wanted unlimited breadsticks"

3. "Retarded" - Haven't we passed this yet? As a verb, it means to impede or slow a direction. As an adjective it means having those qualities. As a noun, it means someone with an IQ below 70. So describing somebody's shirt as retarded says a lot more about you than the shirt. It's offensive. Knock it off.

4. "Ginormous and Coinky-Dink" - These are always said by a person as if they are adorable and cute words that I've never heard before. We have.

5. "Tiger Mom" - I don't care how empowering you think it makes you sound, you're still a bitch.

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