Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When I tell someone I have a child with High Functioning Autism, every fifth person will say "Have you read Jenny McCarthy's book"? Or, worse yet, "Jenny McCarthy cured her kid with a Gluten free all organic diet."

I write this today because of an article someone forwarded me yesterday.


You don't need to read it. Autism Awareness "hero" Jenny McCarthy will pose nude in Playboy to benefit autism research.

Here's why we don't claim Jenny McCarthy. I am all for using celebrity to further the cause of autism awareness. I got no problem with using sexuality to gain said celebrity status. However.. having silicon implants does not make you an organic chemist. Jenny McCarthy admits herself that her son probably never had autism but rather Landau-Kleffner syndrome. In her defense, the symptoms present similarly and Autism is a spectrum disorder. There are many children with other "diseases" or "syndromes" that additionally fall under Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Celebrities often use their celebrity to further causes, expecting us to believe their cause is just and fair because they are a celebrity, damnit! I'll pick on both sides of the political spectrum... Think Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen, Rob Reiner, Ted Nugent, Hank Williams, Jr., and Rush Limbaugh. ENTERTAINERS! Neither doctors, nor research scientists, and certainly not politicians.

I don't doubt Jenny McCarthy loves her child and wants to do everything possible for him. That's admirable. But, please stop spreading lies and misinformation in the name of awareness. Some of us actually deal with this every day and can't stand being asked if we read your book (as an aside, she actually has 5 published books on Autism).

Please continue to use your body for our cause... but hire a PR guy for your interviews.


An interview with Time Magazine. Worth reading if you skipped the other links and just trusted me. By the way, Jenny, "shadow" refers to the aides that "shadow" the children in the classroom, not the children themselves. Get it? Shadow as a verb, rather than a noun? Of course you didn't... but that didn't stop you from yapping about all you've done.

This all sounds like I hate Jenny McCarthy... I honestly don't. I actually think she is a pretty funny writer (Belly Laughs is a pretty funny book). I think she is a beautiful woman. I think she cares deeply about her son.  However, Jenny McCarthy is to autism what Gloria Allred is to law. Been out of the spotlight a little too long?

Here are some equally beautiful women that use their brains to further the cause.

Please note that my wife would not let me post her picture...

Holly Robinson Peete (47) and Toni Braxton (44).
Both beautiful, talented women with a child on the spectrum.

Maybe I should relax and claim her being in Playboy is a great thing if she actually does donate the money to autism research. Nobody reads the articles anyway, right?


  1. > However.. having silicon implants does not make you an organic chemist.

    Damn. I have been going about this all wrong.

  2. I like Jenny, I do. I think part of the problem is the word "cure" that pisses us off. There is no cure. Kids get better and improve? yes, they do. I would be interested to spend a few minutes with her son and see what "cured" means to her.

    I do however like her involvement with TACA and Greening our Vaccines but really, if you have a kid that regressed into autism like I do because of the damn shots, then you would be all for ANYONE saying ANYTHING that relates to vaccines and Autism.

    Also, Autism does suck.

  3. Jenny is a misinformed idiot who has used her celebrity to spread her version of awareness. More children have died due to not receiving vaccines since she started her campaign then is fathomably necessary.


    Just to clarify...I too was on the vaccine bandwagon...it was only after careful research that I was able to dispel this dangerous myth. Wakefield was a fraud through and through...his studied comprised of 12 children and he forged the evidence!! The bottom line? Any doctor worth anything has not used thermisol/mercury based preservatives in vaccines in over 20 years. However, I know this is a touchy subject so...


    Trust me...I'm with every other parent out there...if there was a magic bullet that I could blame autism on...I'd probably do it...I'm not perfect and honestly I'm not that enlightened. But the fact of the matter is...the data isn't there...science doesn't support it, kids showing signs (as my son did) directly after a batch of vaccines is in itself, coincidence. The bummer is the higher functioning...the longer it can go undetected (as in my son's case..he's 9 and wasn't diagnosed till 5...bye bye early intervention). We can blame or we can be proactive...it's your choice as a parent. Personally, I choose to acquire a small library (that isn't that small anymore) and inform myself the best I can so I can advocate for my child with the most knowledge attainable.

    If she really wants to help out kids both on the spectrum and not...she'll shut the fuck up and go back to cracking jokes and showing her tits. About the extent of her talent? Yes...glad to see her in Playboy using her attributes again...

  4. Such a great blog! Jenny McCrazy needs to go back under her rock.

  5. This blog is wonderful. What an awesome perspective to read after hearing out many mothers and only a few fathers. I work with Generation Rescue as a Consultant and I also know you through my sister, Yvette Marquez. (Hi there-long time no see...your son is beautiful!) I can respect your views because you are surely entitled to them and everyone deserves to be heard but there are lots of misconceptions about Jenny and her efforts.

    Again, I work with her organization and I can tell you that she is 100% dedicated to helping to provide families with resources to help treat their child. So many parents have nowhere to turn and I have seen the impact of GR first-hand. It's pretty inspiring. I truly think people should remember that Jenny is first, a parent. Just like us. She has been searching for answers and every step is public, of course. I am not here to defend on behalf of the organization but I can tell you that I have spoken to several parents whose families have been impacted positively, through the efforts of GR and Jenny and I am very grateful to be a part of that.

    All the best to you and your family and to everyone who found this great blog!

  6. Well, Hi, Annette! Long time, no see indeed. I have never doubted Jenny's dedication to her son, and I strongly support anyone using their celebrity to promote a cause. Her books and her comments on the Today Show (since this article was written), spread misinformation, adding to an already fairly misinformed community.

    Generation Rescue is indeed an awesome and inspiring organization. I'm glad they have found you.

    Thanks, Annette.