Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pinball Wizard

When Jack was in Kindergarten (last year) he had an aide (here is her wonderful story) that let him take pictures on her iphone as a reward. Jack has always been excited by taking pictures. What she had realized is that through the hundreds of pictures he took, 50 of them were amazing. She put together a slide show DVD and it played at open house. It was called "my life in Kindergarten" and had his name and everything for all the parents to see.

It was indeed beautiful. It was beautiful to hear parents (filmakers, actors, directors and artists) stop and say "man, that kid is good". Few of them knew he was the autistic boy in the class. It was amazing to hear Jack tell you about the pictures... dare I even say take pride in his work.

Here's what I want to present to you, my readers. I spent the morning downloading the pictures Jack took at Disneyland. There were about 50 pics and these are my favorites.

Jack sees the world differently... we know that. There are no pictures of faces. Jack sees the world differently.

Sometimes it takes a camera for me to see the beauty in this world that he does.

And a quick picture of the photographer... sitting on the back of a bench (taken by his mama).

Please, please, please keep art in schools. Let these kids know that they can be successful, even fulfilled, with more than math and ABCs.


  1. Wow. Really, though. I'm ready to buy some Jack art ;)

  2. The third one of the horse is interesting. To most people, their view of Disneyland is the other side of that horse. He takes a unique perspective, almost an "on the outside looking in" type thing. Very cool.

  3. If he doesn't already have a camera of his own, please get him one.
    WOW! Also, if you can somehow upload the slideshow into a you tube video, that would be awesome.