Monday, February 4, 2013

New Way to Dance

The blog as literature... Hells yeah it is (formerly memoir writing).

You bet your ass.

Blog writing has taken off in the past several years, but is it a valid literary form? Of course it is. What used to be called memoirs is now called blogging.

So, today we're going to have a little fun (and not mention a thing about autism). Here are the four most common abuses of the English language in this new form of literature we collectively call the blog.

1. The ellipsis.

   The ellipsis mark (...) is used to indicate omission. It can be used at the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence or, more commonly, quotation. "The ellipsis can be used at the beginning, middle, or end of a..." is a correct use.  It is not used to mean a dramatic pause, or a "trailing off" of a thought. "I need a drink... beer!" is incorrect.

2. Parenthesis.

   Internal Parenthesis are used to fill in information (emotion) that qualifies an inference or clarification. It is not to be used as a distraction (or an entirely different thought). Like the way I did that? (Did you)?

3. Line Breaks.

    Line Breaks are used to indicate the end of a paragraph, and the beginning of a new paragraph. They are not to be used to highlight the importance of a sentence.

No, they are not.


4. Run on Sentences are to be avoided. They are not to be used to indicate that something is really busy or hectic or chaotic and by writing one long sentence it makes the reader feel said chaos in what the author is describing because it's hard to follow and chaotic to read.

The entire reason I wrote this blog was to praise the blog as an art form. Four solid rules of writing and grammar, that have become acceptable because of their colloquial use in the blog form.

Long live the blog (it's awesome)...

Really, it is.


  1. I should have also included the period for emphasis. I. Really. Should. Have.

  2. I do all of this crap. I use the ellipsis to indicate "thought processing".

    example: I think we should

  3. ...including period for emphasis.