Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When I Paint my Masterpiece

I'm not sure if you can tell from my blog or not, but I am a professional writer. The other afternoon, I was working on the computer and reviewing a few feature film pitches I've put together. Jack comes in the room to ask me what I am doing.

On a side note, Jack knows how to make an entrance. He doesn't simply walk into a room and say "hello", he explodes into a room. It always reminds me of "Cosmo Kramer" from Seinfeld. Anyway, Jack explodes into the room and asks what I am doing.

"I'm working on some movie ideas"
"What's that about?"
"Well, Jack, this one is a science fiction movie about a world where-"
"You should write my movie." This really catches my attention.
"A movie about you?" I ask.
"No. Make a movie I want to see."
"And what movie is that?"

So, throwing it out to the world. Here is Jack's idea to Hollywood. I will present it in pitch form, because there would be way too many (sic)s if I quoted him verbatim. It should also be noted I asked him a few follow up questions to fill in the holes in his story.

My son told me to write a movie for him... the anticipation was killing me. What the heck would he want to write about.

Capitol Baby - by Jack Capell - a six year-old child "on the spectrum"

The good people of Iowa (his favorite state???) accidentally elect a baby to be President. So, the baby is forced to lead the Nation, and mayhem ensues.

We worked through a few of the details. Maybe there was a write-in candidate with a similar name. Maybe it should be a Senator instead of the president. There's the problem of minimum ages of elected officials to get around, but as Jack said, wouldn't it just be funny to see a baby being president?

He exploded out of the room.

I sat and thought to myself... it's not the worst idea I've ever heard.

A smile came across my face as I thought, and realized, that somewhere in the twisted network of firing neurons he calls a brain, was the true thing that makes us human, the thing that make us superhuman, the thing that make us (ahem) neurotypical...

Original Thought.

I think the first draft of Capitol Baby will be in his Christmas Stocking... and coming soon to a theater near you.


  1. shit. 1,000 times more creative than I could ever be.