Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby, Please Don't Go

Whenever something "goes wrong" in the raising of our children, we're very quick to wonder what variable set it off. Change in routine? Change in meds? maturity? A traumatic event? Financial change? Something else?

We are not as quick to ask those same questions when something "goes right".

This week was Spring Break from Jack's school. Jack does not take medication on non-school days. Jack had oral surgery (teeth) on Tuesday in which he underwent general anesthesia. We loaded up on the Behavior Therapy hours this week since we were out of school. Julie was unable to take the week off work to take a vacation somewhere different. Our usual out of town vacation spots (family homes) were unavailable for quick getaways. We had a psych appointment on Wednesday. And daddy had the kid all day... One week of planning every minute. Just the two of us. I would love to tell you how much I was looking forward to that time. How much closer Jack and I would be at the end of the week. How much fun we would have. But my selfish ass was thinking more along the lines of what a long effin' week, what the heck am I going to schedule for fun, and how the Hell am I going to get to watch March Madness?

I'm embarrassed to type those things about myself and my attitude, but I needed to prepare myself for what I feared would be the hardest week of my life. I just listed several potential disasters for the week. We're all about staying one step ahead of the game, right? At least trying to be?

And we had the best week ever. Julie was able to be home for his surgery on Tuesday and come home at a reasonable hour for dinner every night. His interactions and compliance have been truly remarkable (and we have the ABA statistics to prove it!). He had a friend over twice and had APPROPRIATE conversations with her. I have never been more engaged with my child than I am this week. Never.

There are 5 or 6 reasons, or changes, that might contribute to this "step in the right direction". I can analyze the hell out of them and try my hardest to determine the independent variable that is causing this recent success. I may even find it.

But, that would take time.

And I'm too busy, for the first time in a long time, enjoying him.

We've had a fantastic Spring Break: Jack, myself, Julie (mom) and Jade (baby sister). My friends will ask me and Jack what we did over spring break on Monday.

I will smile and say "absolutely nothing".

And it was the best fucking week of our life.

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