Thursday, October 4, 2012


I've been reading all morning about how wonderful it is that President Obama mentioned autism in the debate  with Mr. Romney last night. I agree. Wonderful indeed.

Huge strides have been made in the last four years in autism awareness, research, services, and public perception. The advocacy groups are growing in numbers and funding. We're crashing down School Districts, City Halls, and State Capitols everywhere. We are making progress. Insurance reform for Children with Autism moves forward every day.

But that is on a local or state level.

Mr. President, you mentioned increased services, research, and funding for autism in the debate last night. I "HOPE" you mean it.

Because this is the last time you mentioned special needs.

That was a little less than four years ago...  And you have done nothing to make up for it.

Our community is strong, powerful, empathetic and votes.

I'm glad inspired you included us in the debate (heck, the other guy didn't even mention us), but I "HOPE" you truly are interested in moving "FORWARD", and not just trying to get our votes so you can ridicule our children on late night talk shows again.

We will give you the ball again... let's see if you can medal... Special, Para, Junior, or Olympic-style.

Thank you.

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