Monday, July 23, 2012

We are the Champions

Okay, I admit the title is a little basking in reflected glory.

Ernie Els wins the Open Championship.

Ernie is the father of a 9 year old child with Autism. He runs the "Els For Autism" charity.

I had the pleasure of competing in the Southern California event last year. My partner and I (who are not good golfers) raised enough donations to attend the finale in Vegas where I had the honor of meeting and spending some time with Ernie Els... a fellow Autism Dad.

Ernie has been plagued by his putter over the last few years. In the Open Championships, it was well documented that while he was number one in Greens in Regulation, he was in the 70s for putting. Ernie won the championship because he was the most consistent player over four days. The only of the top five to finish Sunday under par.

And, on the 18th, Ernie sank a 15 foot putt to win his 4th major.

Consistency. Ernie needed a 15 foot putt to win. Ernie's putter has been the elephant in the room for many years, and here it would save his life. You just keep trying.

Just like raising a child with Autism.

I'm proud to know you, Ernie Els.

Our community is lucky to have you, Champ.

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